Technical / R&D

National Coatings foundation for being a leader in Compliance Coating Technology has been built on a multi-step, customer oriented, technical program that provides a total “Partnership For Quality

Every stage of product development, performance testing, production & process application and use of our products is Customer driven. National prides itself on developing and designing products formulated to meet each Specific Customer process and performance requirements and providing continuing process and technical support that is unequalled in the coatings market.


National Coatings highly trained dedicated and Experienced Research staff works in close partnership with a very diversified group of material suppliers. By utilizing an unlimited source of options in our evaluation and development process we are a leader in formulating products containing “The Best Available Technology” for specific coating applications. This innovative approach insures our customers will obtain the maximum in Cost and Quality benefits.

Beginning with the initial stage of product development and continuing with the use of our products,National Coatings provides product, and process auditing services with a technical and testing support program designed for each Customer or Industry Quality requirements.

National Coatings quality control program is designed to encompass both the coatings composition parameters inter-linked with Customer and Industry specific process and performance requirements to provide for consistent defect free product & process quality.

National’s Analytical Testing Facilities includes the latest laboratory equipment to perform coatings analysis. In addition to our in-house testing services, National works with a select group of outside Coatings and Metallurgical laboratories to provide our customers with a total package of analytical and composition testing capabilities.